Wood Stove Accessories For Wood Heat

Here are tips on getting the best wood stove accessories for your home. Wood heat takes more than just a thermostat. Learn about humidifiers, stove pipe thermometers and more. For starters, you really need to have a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the stove and chimney. A magnetic thermometer is very handy because it can be attached to the stove top or stove pipe. Of all the wood stove accessories, this is essential.

This is important because it helps to reduce the risk of a chimney fire. If you burn green wood, or burn dry wood at too low a temperature, the combustion will be incomplete. These gases solidify in the stove pipe or chimney and become like a solid fuel, waiting to be ignited. Find out more…

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How to avoid a chimney fire

If you do not use a thermometer, or know how to control the buildup of creosote in your wood stove, you are in danger of a chimney fire. Later, when you build a very hot fire, the solid fuel will ignite and go off like a torch.

It can become so intensely hot that the metal stove pipe will actually turn cherry red and become damaged. Anything combustible in the area will catch fire and can burn the entire house down. It happens, especially during very cold weather

Insulated fireproof flooring

It is also important to set up a fireproof floor underneath the wood stove. This can be done in many ways, from the very simple to very attractive. One easy answer is an insulated metal floor covering, which can be found at any store that sells wood stoves.

One of the nicer wood stove accessories to protect the floor is to lay tiles or bricks inside a frame. This adds a layer of protection and can be quite a lovely asset to the house. You can incorporate decorative bricks or tiles to add to the appearance.

Take care of dry air with a steamer pot

Because wood heat tends to dry out the air, you should have some kind of steamer pot to place on the stove. You could just use a tea kettle, which works well. Or you can buy a decorative enameled pot that accents the wood stove itself.

Humidifiers are some of the most common types of wood stove accessories. Without one, everything in the house will dry out: your nose, plants, pianos, and more.

Morsø Cast Iron Wood Stove

Morsø Cast Iron Wood Stove

Get a metal ash bucket

It is important to have a metal ash bucket in which to put ash and coals when cleaning the stove. If you use a plastic bucket you will likely have a problem with melting plastic from the coals. You should have a metal shovel and fireplace rake to clean out the ashes as well.

The metal ash bucket must have a lid to prevent the dust and ashes from scattering into the household air when you are cleaning the stove. It also keeps carbon monoxide and odors out of the room. This is one of the essential wood stove accessories.

Insurance companies recognize the importance of this wood stove accessory and will require that you own a metal ash bucket. Smoldering coals will last days while buried in ashes.

Make sure to have a good poker type tool to move the burning wood around. If you don’t like the ones in the store, it is easy to take a stainless steel rod and bend the ends to form a hook and handle. This works great and will last a lifetime.

Another good idea is have a wooden box to keep the kindling in. Heating with wood is messy at best, and having a nice, solid box for the kindling will help reduce the mess somewhat. If you have a supply of birch bark, keep it in the box to use for starting fires.

Use a firewood shed to store your wood

Besides these wood stove accessories, you need to have a place to keep your wood dry and safe. You can keep wood in the basement or garage, but this is somewhat impractical for most people. A firewood shed is the best answer.

Keeping wood in a shed has many advantages that a simple tarp does not. It is easier to stack, the cord is more stable, and it airs out better. The old blue tarp method does work, just not as well.